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Find your tribe

Surround yourself with your beautiful people....

It's sounds so simple but actually can be such a game changer, because in essence, who we spend our time with inevitably shapes who we are.

Everybody has good and bad days, light and dark moments. So pick people who help you shine the brightest you can, each and every day.

People who align with you, inspire you. nurture you and always keep your heart close to theirs. Make sure you always offer those people support, kindness, trust and above all love.

Remember what we give to those around us, we will get back in abundance, but don't give it out with wild abandon. Pause and make sure those who get your time, which is precious by the way, deserve it.

In life we meet so many people and have so many opportunities to impact on others. Each and every person has their own path and not all our paths lead to the same destination. So if it doesn't fit, bless it with love and let it go. Release it so you have more time to invest in those that really matter.

Be grateful for each and every interaction but don't lament on thos

Having fun with friends. A group of people in fancy dress posing for a funny group photo.

e passing ships destined for other oceans. Instead take a moment to gaze upon the fabulousness of your own fleet and use your energy giving back to those you are sure will sail beside you whatever lies ahead. Those who fit and always make each and every space feel a little more like home.

I am so eternally grateful for the incredible journey this life has taken me on, far and wide, but more than any travel I am grateful for the hands which I hold and the kind hearts which always take care of mine.

To my fleet, my tribe, the beautiful people, who know who they are. I love you, I thank you and I will always be here, blessed and grateful to have you.


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