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How to Host a Sustainable Christmas

With jingle bells just around the corner and after pondering how to enjoy a sustainable Christmas without breaking the bank, I design my own little guide to a conscious affordable Christmas.

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No denying the culture of giving can come into its own at this time of year, with shoppers desperate to fill underneath the Christmas tree. But if we remember to be mindful we can avoid a trip to the charity shop in a few months with all those unnecessary items and instead purchase with purpose in 2022.

There are two options here both I have found endlessly useful to curb excessive buying which without a double has a detrimental effect on the planet.

Secret Santa - Jump onto an online app I use Elfster (Home ( and pop all your names in, suggest a few dream gifts and then get 1 great gift each. This also saves lots of time giving you extra precious time with loved ones. It’s so important to remember Christmas is not about what you receive but about the memories you’re creating with your loved ones.

Christmas Ethos - If you have little ones and everyone insists on buying then why not share this unique little rhyme and get loved ones to purchase one from a list, working together to ensure all are covered.

Something you want

Something you need

Something you wear

Something you read

You can even turn this into a little game as children guess which category the gift belongs to. You will find with a small set of thoughtful gifts there is less chance of overwhelm and even more opportunity for gratitude, win/win.

A final little gifting note, don’t forget to be mindful with your wrapping paper choice. Remember brown paper can become the perfect art project to make unique stylish paper which is then 100% recyclable, what more could you ask for!

Table Decorations

Just like with wrapping paper a huge amount of Christmas waste comes from the lovely little crackers we use to decorate our tables. I must confess I can’t bear to watch all those little and well completely useless plastic gifts get swept up into the bin at the end of a meal, only to end up in landfill. It has been a personal mission of mine to create something insanely delicious whilst also being as sustainable as possible. Our Christmas crackers are filled with gorgeous gifts to use or keep for a lifetime. They include affirmation cards which can be planted to turn your gorgeous garden into a dreamy floral oasis or kept in your wallet for a little reminder of how wonderful you are. Other treats include bath tea bags to relax after your Christmas celebrations, crystals chosen to bring abundance and joy for the year ahead and unique palo santo sticks to cleanse your space when wrapping up your festivities.

Not only dreamy gift but with our lavender crackers you can dress your table to impress, whilst also adding a light scent to the room, delicious. To go all out why not also think about a family day foraging to see what other wonders mother nature has to offer for the perfect final touches to your festive table.


Now anyone who knows me well, knows that although I maybe the hostess with the mostess. I have my limitations and boy do I know them. So I like to keep clear of the kitchen and leave that to my wonderful and extremely talent other half. But for tip and tricks on a sustainable dinner why not find out where your nearest farm is and get in touch. Organic and locally sourced food is not only incredibly tasty but also feeds into your local economy supporting your farming neighbours. We live near High Barn Retreats ( and their free range products are a highlight of our dining delights.

Well these are my top tips to help make your Christmas a little more sustainable without breaking the bank. Get creative, be mindful and remember Christmas is the perfect time to nourish yourself, loved ones and the planet, it’s not called ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ for nothing!


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