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How to Boss the Festive Season as a Single Girl in her 30s

After living alone for many years in my thirties, I definitely had to get creative when it came to the festive season. Although Christmas has, without a doubt, always been my favourite time of year, as a singleton I definitely found it a struggle.

A selfie in a mirror of a powerful, female boss in gym clothes. She is posing in front of the mirror and smiling at the camera. She is wearing matching blue gym gear and burgundy converse.

It was like not only were sleigh bells in the air but love and relationships seem to blossom at this time of year or at least that was how it felt. A little tradition I started during this time has actually stood the test of time and so with it in mind I decided to create something a little special for this years Christmas range to share some festive love with the world.

The affirmation advent calender is my way of connecting with those who want to find a sustainable, loving and mindful way to count down to Santa and for all those singletons it is also a massive high five and reminder that you are loved no matter what Wham said, you never have to be lonely at Christmas!

To give you a little history, in 2019 as the end of November approached and December was looming I realised I wanted to count down to Christmas but that a cheap chocolate advent was not really going to hit the spot. So I decided to do something a little special and create my own advent. I knew I would need a little lift and so decided to reach out to some of my nearest and dearest and asked them to write me a little note. I then proceeded to receive these through the post and saved them up ready to open one a day for the month of December. As I moved through the month I felt a overwhelming sense of love and support from the messages I received. They were a constant reminder of the support I had and the gratitude I felt for my tribe. When the sharp sting of January hit I then lovingly spent an afternoon creating a vision board with all my messages which still proudly hangs in my office to remind me of all the wonderful people in my life.

Now I must confess pulling together this sensation advent took quite a lot of time and also required a lot of forward thinking and preparation, which got me thinking how can I bring this idea to a wider audience.

Our new affirmation advents are a chance to open an inspirational and mindful quote everyday. Whether you get up early and start the day with a card or wait until your day is done to open your little affirmation, they are daily reminders of the power, love and abundance you hold within. As always each and every hand drawn design and quote comes straight from our heart direct to your door to fill your house with endless joy in the lead up to Christmas. As an added bonus these cards are fully sustainable and can remain with you to be reused every year or throughout the year if you need a little lift, I really hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them.


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