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lovin cover pic.jpg

Tiger’s Eye

COLOUR: Red, brown, gold, black & blue

PROPERTIES: Powerful in offering stability & grounding. useful in organising chaotic mind noise, this stone provides clarity & rooting in the earth. Offering a brighter outlook it can promote optimism & abundance financially. Working to balance the yin & yang energies it is also a great stone for balancing the two brain hemispheres to create a more well rounded perspective & approach to life.

PLACEMENT: I use this stone at the entry way to every room in my home especially the front door. Its ability to balance & reduce negativity ensures my space is always in beautiful alignment. When looking to bring abundance financial it can also be placed in your wallet alongside citrine.

CHAKRAS SUPPORT: Sacral, solar & root



Tiger’s eye is a beautiful stone with a wide range of uses it is as powerful as it is eye catching & can be instrumental in bringing a variety of benefits especially abundance.

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