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This Christmas why not pop a lasting treat on the table with these unique sustainable crackers. Filled with a selection of mindful gifts including crystals, bath teabags & cleansing palo santo sticks. Each cracker also includes a unique affirmation card offering everything you need to set your post celebration intentions.


Please note all cracker boxes come in boxes of 5 and are shipped the week of the 13th of December with local hand delivery where possible. For earlier delivery or orders please contact me directly. 



Affirmation Crackers

  • Bath heart

    Ingredients: epsom salts, coconut oil, rose water, lavender, essential oils, sodium bicardonate, citric acid, cornflour, pink food grade dye

    Please be aware this product can make the bath slippery please be cautious when entering and exiting the bath and do not consume the product.

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