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Brighton... There's no place like home!

A photograph of a powerful, female boss. She's holding a bouquet of flowers with a wide smile and a happy face.

I find it funny that so many people say I am lucky to live in Brighton. Like one day someone granted me a magic wish and dropped me in the heart of my wonderful vibrant city. The truth is when my sister became pregnant with my first nephew Phoenix I made a choice to follow my heart and move closer to my growing family. It wasn’t actually until I moved to the colourful eclectic seaside city that I realised it was going to end up being my forever home and the place where my authentic life truly began.

Moving from London, unlike many I was ready to escape the bustling capital where you could dissolve into the background and find something new and exciting to do every minute of every day. For me with my constant need to be active and critical inner voice always telling me to ‘be busy’ I often found the city overwhelming and so the thought of a slower pace was appealing. This is not to say Brighton doesn’t have its own scene of movers and shakers but the energy here definitely seemed to be a little more relaxed. Like everyone was saying it’s OK to be busy and have fun and in equal measure just relax, chill and sit by the sea. For me Brighton echoed ‘Just Be’ in my ears, silencing the noise and offering unadulterated acceptance for whatever choices made.

Fast forward to 2022 and I will tell anyone who will listen that I truly found myself in Brighton and that is why it will forever be home to me. Over the years my world has been a sizeable rollercoaster with a myriad of achievements and challenges but through it all Brighton seemed to bend and flow to match exactly what I needed at any given time. I have met people whose energy fills me with excitement and those with such inspirational outlooks and knowledge that to this day I gaze at them childishly in awe. My heart has broken and mended more times than I care to count and I have overcome some of the biggest most exciting accomplishments of my life here; living alone, launching my business, surviving a global pandemic (I never thought I would be typing that on any list!)

Living in Brighton with all kinds of characters and creatives offers a celebration of life itself. No matter who you are, you’re welcome to come alive and express yourself, which for me created the space for a caterpillar to butterfly effect. As I progressed in my journey and started my deep dive into connecting with my spiritual self having the sea on my doorstep provided a calming and restorative energy. Washing away troubles, tears and offering the purest energy exchange with mother nature. When the waves are rough it reminds me that I am just a small cog in our enormous and wonderful world. When the summer sunshine creates what seems like a blissful endless lake at my feet, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the peaceful place I call home.

As I grow my business and start to share my sustainable gifts with audiences far and wide I often find myself jumping on a train and returning to our beautiful capital city. I reminisce fondly on the years I spent in the hustle and bustle, never quite feeling like the shoe fit. Now as I write on my delicious green cuddler snuggled up with the pavilion as my backdrop, I realise how important it is to find the place you call home where your true self is born and heart will always remain.

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