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My body is a temple, my mind is an ocean

Having a fit strong body is super important, sure, but not quite as important as what is going on inside.

A selfie in a mirror of a powerful, female boss in gym clothes. She is posing in front of the mirror and smiling at the camera. She is wearing matching blue gym gear and burgundy converse.

I have spent plenty of time chasing a body dream and trying to get to that perfect size. I can almost guarantee most people have. What's super interesting is once you get to your goal, you realise it doesn't tick all the boxes and suddenly the goal posts move or there is still something missing.

Happiness can't be obtained by a figure on your scales or in your bank, by the title on your signature or by the things and stuff around you.

True joy is a place within, where you feel at peace and totally whole just as you are.

A place where when the world challenges you, which by the way it inevitably always will, you are able to breathe accept the challenge, change, learn and grow.

Yes my body is a temple, but my mind is an ocean, beautiful, vast, endless and unwavering.

So remember set goals, embrace them, work hard for them and test yourself. But also never forget that true stillness and being at one with yourself, just as you are is where the real magic happens 🙏❤️ You are enough, you are whole and you are exactly where you are meant to be 💜


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