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Love is.

True love is... A digital illustration of a yin-yang symbol with a blue, pink and purple background.

February a month filled with hearts, flowers and all things St Valentine. For some this is a dreamy time to cuddle up close, get down on one knee & shower your person with endless affection. For others it can be a stark reminder of your loneliness, sadness or even just a whole load of well BS!

I must confess I have always been a hearts & flowers kinda gal. I think it’s safe to say I wear my heart on my sleeve & I am pretty much ready to pour my affection & attention into the nearest lamp post if it flickers at me nicely. This has been something I have often battled with never quite knowing if my capacity to love wholeheartedly was a strength or a curse. You see if you fall in love easily it can open you up to all kinds of heartache in the long run. However, with it comes abundant butterflies, giddy moments of interaction & numerous highs better than any drug, drink or cake known to man- trust me! So over time I think I have learnt that I actually quite like living in a bit of a fairy-tale. True I can be a little like an excitable puppy & sometimes need a little reigning in. But given the alternative, I chose my hopelessly devoted attitude every day of the week, confident that I can give & feel connection to others on a very deep level.

I know for some this doesn’t come easily & my strong emotional bonds mean the smallest act can fill me up with such joy it echoes throughout my whole day. A text to say ‘I miss you’ or a simple voice note from someone special can make my whole heart sing - enter Disney birds on my shoulder. I also know that those closest to me truly value this trait & continue to nourish it, never taking it for granted but instead celebrating & cherishing my endless love affair with the world & all who inhabit it.

With this in mind & now I have officially fallen in love with the fact that I am a hopeless romantic, I have decided I want to spread some love. This year, more than ever, all I want to do is celebrate all the things I adore. I want to use my platform to express what love means to me in all its crazy, fabulous & dreamy forms! Each day I will be sharing what ‘Love is…’ to me, in the hope it will bring a smile to your face or maybe even remind you of something you are grateful for in your own world. For me it will be about singing from the rooftops that, I am loved, I love deeply & love is all around me.


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