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Life in a sea of petals

A photograph of a powerful, female boss. She's holding a bouquet of flowers with a wide smile and a happy face.

As the last evening of the year is upon us, I want to share my thoughts on 2020. This year has without a doubt been a game changer for everyone & has left many of us feeling sad, angry, stressed, lonely, fearful & fed up. Don't get me wrong, I can definitely resonate with all these feelings, but I want to release them, leave them behind & instead look at everything I am truly grateful for from this pivotal year in our history.

When I really focus I am mainly endlessly grateful for this year. It has brought with it some major changes in my life which have led to endless amounts of growth, insight & inevitably a deeper understanding & appreciation for myself & all that I have. For me it seems just at the point of each major challenge a fresh opportunity has presented itself reminding me that my life is constantly flowing to serve me as long as I remain open, positive & grateful. Thanks to these new opportunities & ventures I now prepare for the new year with excitement & a self confidence I have never known before.

People have come into my world in perfect synchronicity to teach me, guide me & validate me in all different forms. At the same time I have had long periods of solitude to remind me that self love, support & validation is just as important, if not more so, on your journey.

As I navigated my challenges new doors have opened, new friendships forged, new passions ignited & constant learning all along the way. I have had to witness many of my positive & negative patterns & take ownership for the light & dark in my life. Even with all these lessons I still feel like I am just at the beginning of my education. Still often falling off balance & stumbling in my own little clumsy fashion. But I now accept that this is part of what makes me, well me & I am ok with that. I am learning to love my quirks and accept the sides of myself which can be a little more unruly.

I will start the year as I mean to go on, by the sea soaking up all its incredible energy. But unlike most years I will not be writing a long list of resolutions, instead I have decided to spend my year in daily gratitude, always prioritising self care in all its forms (meditation, exercise, chocolate!) & smiling.

Life is such a precious gift & we can do whatever we want with it, we truly are the captain of our own ship, but we must take a hold of the helm & steer. Trust me I never thought I would own my own business & be sharing my inner musings with the world but with the right intention & mindset anything is possible. With this in mind I want to massively thank everyone who has become a part of my journey with Lovingly Local. I still have to pinch myself sometimes that I have actually taken my dreams & put them out for all to see, but I feel confident that this journey will be my most exciting adventure to date.

I want to end by sending all the love, light & gratitude to my wonderful tribe & all those who have been instrumental in making 2020 the year it was for me. Words can't express how much you all impact on me but know that I am my best version of myself in part because of you. To all those who have faced challenges, struggle & sorrow, remember at the end of each storm there is abundant freshness in the air, breathe it in & let it fill you with hope.


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