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Gifts from the Heart... How Lovingly Local came to be

I often get asked how and why my gift boxes came about and with the catalogue growing I thought I would take a stroll down memory lane.

A selfie in a mirror of a powerful, female boss in gym clothes. She is posing in front of the mirror and smiling at the camera. She is wearing matching blue gym gear and burgundy converse.

Shopping has always been the guilty pleasure I never managed to curb. Without a shadow of a doubt, I am a lethal weapon with a diary of birthdays in one hand and a credit card in the other. After years of loving the gifting process, in my 30’s I grew tired of it all and the magic of gifting really lost its sparkle. Gifts seemed to get more and more arbitrary and even the act of receiving gifts lost its joy. I found myself with an endless little charity bag of things which maybe suited a time or a season but weren’t wholehearted sustainable gifts for me to keep on my life journey.

In all honesty the wellness gift boxes we make, in part, selfishly came from wanting to bring back the joy of gifting for me. I wanted to once again get excited to see the faces of loved ones open a gift which I poured my heart into. But I also knew I wanted these gifts to have purpose and to support the environment by being as sustainable as possible. I wanted to create helpful, beautiful and authentic gifts from the heart. So after many weeks getting creative and sharing samples, I realised why not share these special creations with the world.

Our boxes combine my love of crafts with some of the many lessons I’ve been taught on meditation, self-care and mindfulness. Exploring what would go into the boxes was a wonderful process and I still tweak boxes now if I am inspired or learn something new. I wanted to create gifts which would not only look and smell incredible but would also be useful and could remain so for a lifetime. I fell in love with the process of mixing scents to find that blissful balance for a dreamy evening bath or spending hours researching the perfect crystal comparing endless information on meanings and properties. I even recently started to delve into colour therapy to make sure each and every one of the senses was excited when opening our gifts. So yes, a lot of time, energy and effort go into each and every box as we aim to bring love, joy, abundance and support with every sale.

Interestingly I have always wondered what would happen if my boxes went viral and started to sell hundreds a day! Mainly because at the moment, ahead of creating a box I tend to meditate, get in a beautiful zen space and then focus on curating the gift so it is filled with as much love as humanly possible before it makes its journey to its forever home. I like to think I lovingly charge each and every element whilst putting them together. Recently that little monkey mind or inner critic we all battle said to me “how is this process scalable Helen? Come on woman, you’re a business development consultant!” But then I realised I’ve met so many beautiful souls on my journey so far, I have no doubt I could create a wonderful tribe of gorgeous creators to help me charge crystals, write mantras and sprinkle lavender, oh can you imagine the joy of writing that job spec! So as the collections and business grow I do hope to share these gifts far and wide and to offer an alternative which sparks joy in the gifting process again.

Hopefully, this gives you a little sneak peek into how the boxes came to exist and why I am so passionate about bringing them to a wider audience. We recently started creating bath tea bags and even gave our candles a glorious face lift so they have never looked or smelt better. We can create unique bespoke boxes, bridesmaid boxes, new mum boxes, astrology boxes, the sky's the limit (pun intended. My dream is that our gifts touch each and every person they connect with and continue to do so for years to come.


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