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A little touch of magic

Well what a month and what a joy to finally offer my gifts to the world, on my own platform. I must confess launching was exciting and terrifying in equal measure. So as the dust starts to settle and I start to find my flow, I am as always drawn to the sea, stillness and gratitude.

Brighton beach. A view from the old West Pier. A burnt down pier on the sea's horizon. The sun is setting behind it, lighting the sky in gold and orange.

As a little girl, my mother tells me, I was adamant I would never “get in that big puddle.” How funny that such a big puddle would one day become my greatest joy and my eternal muse. As I sit and the sun sets on Brighton beach, I can’t stop wondering when the innocence departs and what seems to be an adult heaviness descends. I think when we are small we are all beautiful little books with endless blank pages ready for the world and every interaction to fill. Some good, some bad, some life changing and others fairly neutral which do little to shape or affect us. As we grow and the pages fill we start to form our own narrative, we start to tell ourselves things, our inner dialogue gets stronger and we start to act in certain ways. Obviously lots of this dialogue is essential and required, but I wonder if we also need a little hint of the magic, the innocence and the wonder to keep that sparkle in our eyes. I also start to wonder if that belief is how I sometimes seem to surprise myself and keep smiling.

Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means the queen of zen and still now have my moments, ask any of my loved ones. But I feel like even with my meditation, yoga and other practices, my innate sense of wonder in the smallest of things and my belief that truly magical things happen daily, helps me to ride the uncertain waves with a certain level of excitement and youthful exuberance. Maybe I have watched one too many Disney movies, or maybe I am tapped into a youthful innocence which keeps me hopeful, optimistic and joyful, either way I recommend it.


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