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Lapis Lazuli


PROPERTIES: Powerful in bringing awareness & connection particularly to ones own dreams & desires. Offering insight, clarity & wisdom, it stimulates mental & emotional wellbeing by enhancing acceptance & serenity. A protective stone it shields & builds ones self & environment. It aids in communication whilst supporting in the organisation of mental chatter to come to the most balanced solution in a responsive & clear fashion. Often given to expecting or new mothers this stone can support in this transition by supporting the journey of connecting & nurturing a new life.

PLACEMENT: Worn around the neck this stone will support your greater good in all interactions. If concerned or unsure on a problem placing on the head & spending some time in silence before bed will help bring the best solution to you.

CHAKRAS SUPPORT: Crown & throat



Lapis lazuli is often described as existing before “time was born” & has been long documented to adorn those looking to utilise its powerful properties. Bringing wisdom, balance & clarity it is a popular beautiful stone to work with & is in a number of our gift boxes for joy.

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