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Do what you love, your passion is your purpose & it will shine through you


If your business is stuck, I'm committed to helping you find what is missing! Together we will grow your business authentically, find your inner marketing magic & unearth your sales sweet spot.

Lovingly Local Wholeheartedly Me is all about connecting my passion for small local businesses with the varied skills I've developed throughout my career.  Connecting with brands wholeheartedly I like to think my USP is that I truly invest in businesses on all levels. This means I'm able to offer my conscious & intuitive methods of business development to mirror the vision of a brand whilst also nourishing the company management teams, encouraging sustainable & free flowing authentic business growth. 


If you're looking to level up your business but need some support I offer guidance & expertise in the following areas. Business Development, Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Events, Executive Personal Assistance & Social Media. I can't wait to support & collaborate with more wonderful businesses, brands, & people. 


If you want to learn more why not connect with me for a PowerHour Session, details below, or find me on LinkedIn.

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Management. Management training, organizational behavior, task management to improve your business
Strategy. Differentiated marketing strategy, strategy training, strategic goals to improve your business, social media marketing
Image to advertise events manager services and event planning
Marketing. Social media Marketing, marketing strategy, content strategy to improve your business
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If you're stuck, fallen out of love with your business, or facing burning why not book a PowerHour Session with me!

Some of the ways these sessions can help...

  • How to overcome a business block

  • How to build a social media strategy which works for me

  • How to attract your ideal clients

  • How to beat burnout & manage stress in the workplace

  • How to support & training your junior team

  • How to get a better work / life balance

  • How to fall back in love with my business

lovin cover pic.jpg


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