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Who we are is not determined by the words of others.


Over the past few years, I have been on a real journey and I like to think that with each and every box you get a little piece of the joy and balance I have learned along the way. I not only want these gifts to spark joy but also to provide timeless tools for their receivers to use. I have hand selected each item, taking time to really study and focus on what not only will serve the user but also ensure minimal detrimental impact on our beautiful planet. Included is a selection of handmade elements, created and inspired by my home town ~ Brighton, I have spent many hours by the ocean channelling the grounding and revitalising energy of the waves. As I continue to grow and learn from incredible mentors, nature and my spiritual practices. I am inspired and excited about my new adventure with lovingly local, wholeheartedly me. I hope to bring grounding, support, love and happiness to all those who find themselves buying or receiving a gift. As I grow, I will share my journey and I hope to continue to share other in this wonderful journey from my heart directly to your door.

Helen Vits x

A powerful, female business owner holding a bouquet of flowers and smiling.


lovin cover pic.jpg

My Tribe

Kindness is not a weakness.

A pastel pink, blue, green and purple illustration of a bunch of flowers.
A woman and a man leaning close together and smiling at the camera.
A child and a toddler laughing and playing with bubbles in a bell tent.
A nostalgic photo of two parents laughing and cuddling on a sofa.
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