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Lovingly Local helps individuals & businesses 
that are stuck

unearth their mission, find their inner magic & create a sustainable happy life.

My Values


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About Me

I'm Helen Aimee Vits, daughter, sister, partner, tita, friend & founder of Lovingly Local, like many I wear a multitude of hats. After the universal pause of lockdown, nearly 20 years navigating a high flying career in business development and some pretty epic life hurdles, I realised that I was not where I wanted to be and more importantly had no idea where that was.  In November 2020, I took a giant leap into the unknown and launched my own business to find what was missing. Over the years the business has morphed and evolved whilst I navigated what purpose meant to me and built a blueprint for the journey to my happy place.

Business and self discovery is undoubtedly a journey, not a destination, but for many navigating this path or even uncovering it can be completely overwhelming. Within my coaching I offer individuals and businesses a chance to take my knowledge, experience, and expertise to help them create real sustainable changes. My holistic approach aims to cover all areas of your world to unearth your inner magic and help you discover your true purpose. 


My mission is to help others build a world they not only want, but completely fall in love with. Together we will banish limiting beliefs, shift stagnant programmed behaviours and create long term happiness and success. My 1-to-1 coaching and workshops offer affordable deep dive into personal and professional development whilst also creating accountability and a safe space for you to prosper and thrive.

I've found my path and can't wait to share everything I've learnt along the way to help others realise your authentic sweet spot.

Helen x

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What I Offer

Business Coaching

Laser 1 to 1 coaching for start ups and businesses that feels stuck. With over 25 years managerial experience I can help you drive your business or career to success whilst also making sure it is fulfilling and purpose driven. Whether we're looking at a specific area or taking a bird's eye view of the whole operation, I guarantee you will come away with achievable actions and newfound confidence and clarity.

Coaching Expertise:

  • Women in Management.  

  • Business Modelling, Budgeting & Early stage development.

  • Female Founders.

  • Work | Life Balance. 

  • Work Wellbeing.

  • Business Mindset & Strategy.

  • Workplace Culture.

Culture Coaching

These workshops and 1 to 1 sessions bring together psychology and extensive managerial experience to help you create a forward thinking culture in your business.

Workshops Include:

  • Training junior & management staff.  

  • Designing & developing a culture strategy & framework.

  • Designing & developing mental health initiatives.

  • Creating and co-ordinating team building exercises & events.

  • Introducing & facilitating established wellness practitioners into the workplace.

Life Coaching

These 1 to 1 sessions & bundles are perfect for individuals who’s career or business is thriving but they feel stuck, lost or uninspired. With a holistic approach we will work together to uncover your purpose and build a life your dream of.

Coaching areas include:

  • Mission & Mindset.  

  • Confidence & Self-esteem.

  • Healthy Habits & Behaviours. 

What You Gain


Catherine Watkin

“Helen has a natural instinct to want to support and help, and has a fierce commitment to work-life balance for her clients."

Jane Galloway

"Wow! The content was so valuable. It was great to have someone by my side to push me to be doing things that made a difference for my business. We all need support to get out of our own way sometimes, and Helen delivers for sure! "

Laura Thompson-Harper

“I was feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. Helen helped me find clarity, get back to a brighter more balanced place with tools I will keep forever”

Clients & Previous Experience

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